Tips for Remote Working Wellness

Learning to Adapt: Tips for Remote Working Wellness

By now, most of us are familiar with the world of remote working and time spent operating from a home office. This new state of affairs, whilst often convenient, also comes with its own obstacles and it can be easier to fall into a rut. If you want to improve your work-from-home wellness, you’ll need to address your mind and body and take steps to adapt your daily routine. Here are some tips from CAREERPATHES about what changes to make.

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It’s well documented that exercise helps to alleviate mental pressures via the release of endorphins but, with less commuting and time spent on your feet, it’s no wonder that we’re falling short of fitness requirements. If you want to get back into a healthy rhythm, it’s important to start with small steps — start with something easy, prep beforehand, find a buddy to help support you, and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Work/Life Balance

Many employers have seen working from home as an excuse to burden their employees with longer work hours and increased responsibilities. If you feel like you’re dedicating more of your day to the grind than is fair or necessary then it’s time to make some changes. A good work/life balance requires that you dedicate time to friends and family, indulge in hobbies that give you energy and confidence, and shut down all work-related devices once the workday is over. You may even want to discuss current workloads with your boss.

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If you have your own business, achieving a healthy work/life balance can be more challenging, but tools like a schedule manager and an easy to use bookkeeping system can help. Having cloud-based accounting software means that you aren’t married to the office when you need to go over financials. Additionally, it’s packed with built-in tools to help you make the best decisions possible for your business, and it can scale up as your business grows.

Tips for Remote Working Wellness

Tips for Remote Working Wellness

Home Cleansing

The ambiance of your home working environment is vitally important to your wellbeing, especially as you’re spending so much more time in it. It’s important, therefore, to reduce/remove any negative home influences — these can be distracting screens, devices, clutter or even people who you feel do not contribute positively to your mood.


Scent is an often overlooked but underrated tool for affecting the ambiance of a workspace. Whether you opt for candles, incense, diffusers, fresheners, or natural options (such as flowers), the introduction of a new smell can subtly affect mood and productivity. Try experimenting with different fragrances and you might find one that suits your personal taste — rosemary, lemon, lavender, and jasmine are all good starting choices.


As important as any external factor is the stuff you put in your body. Diet and nutrition should always be considered if you want to optimize your productivity or if you’re in a bit of a working rut. For those who are too busy to chop fruit or cook vegetables, there are plenty of excellent shakes and recipes that use protein powder to ensure you’re hitting your daily nutritional targets and not burning up too much time. Always make sure that you have healthy snacks on hand and that you drink plenty of water.

Social Life

One of the advantages of working in an office is that you’re always surrounded by people. This can fulfill a certain social need and many have been left feeling lonelier without it. It’s important, then, to take the initiative and send yourself out of the door to meet new people or reconnect with those you might have lost touch with since everything changed. If you’re not sure where to start, you could try volunteering or signing up for one of your community social media groups.

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When you’re working from home, it can be difficult to balance work with wellness. Without the mediating influences of coworkers, managers, traffic timetables, and more, the onus falls on the individual to discipline themselves and make the right choices. Luckily, a few small changes are often all you need to spark a development in mood and lifestyle.

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